20 Count Class

Choctaw Traditional 20 Count

The 20 count is the Choctaw 20 day cycle, and each one of those days is governed by a guardian, similar to an angel. This is a very ancient way of denoting places, times and locations in symbol form. It might appear as a flat alphabet-like the system or literal counting system used to “count,” but it is far from this, and yet they call this a “count”.

This is a series of four classes of an ancient language from mystics and holy people. The ones who held this count and these teachings, myself included, promised and committed to pass them on to the people.

In this system, the Choctaw ways of noting things was describing to tell a story or encode meanings.

Learn how the 20 count applies to your life. You can use these numbers in your life on a daily basis to understand the influence and power of the cycles of your life and the collective.

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