Earth Week 2020
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UNITING EFFORTS in “forging” new ways towards personal leadership in this exceptional New Decade.

Experiencing & applying “fearless intentions” in abolishing our antiquated beliefs and cutting away exhausting old cycles.

Focusing towards positive solutions in 2020 to set this Decade as the starting point of collaborating with our Mother Earth messages to us.

Please save the dates and join us for this mini-vacation and some self-care!

April 20 – 27, 2020
Tiosh Abaj Hotel and Restaurant
Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala

Investment: $1,300

Erick Gonzalez ( Spirit Jaguar) and Sweet Medicine Nation ( Four Winds Community Foundation) are offering a Retreat/Exhibition in Santiago, Atitlan, Guatemala.

Combining numerous traditional values, local experts and Elders from the Mayan culture will converge bringing their ways: natural medicines, permaculture, natural sciences, textile/natural dyes…

Offering solutions to adding back and do our part of Collaborating with solutions in our world Fostering harmony, generosity in this New Era and holy times.

Our Mother Terra can right herself, we must do our part by taking actions in sharing resources and knowledge.


20 Apr 2020
(3 Noj) - Fly into Guatemala City
21 Apr 2020
(4 Tijax) - Travel to lake, Orientation and opening circle
22 Apr 2020
(5 Kawok) - Earth Day
Council starts with prayers for our Mother
23 Apr 2020
(6 Ajpu) - Council continued
Mayan Fire Ceremony and Flower Staff ceremony
24 Apr 2020
(7 Imux) - Council continued and closed
Blessings for the Water and offer the Flowering Staff to the lake during pilgrimage to Patziapa and offerings at the pyramid
25 Apr 2020
(8 I'q) - PUBLIC DAY
Exhibitions from local people offering sustainable solutions (San Juan, cacao, organics, etc)
26 Apr 2020
(9 Akabal) - Sunrise ceremony to close the gathering
Free time to shop, pack, rest, visit Santiago (this is the day that Sweetie and other organizers could do look at other places people could stay for the big gathering in 2021)
27 Apr 2020
(10 Kat) - Travel to Guatemala City

Lets be the Change-makers!.