Sweet Medicine Nation


13 Steps to Activate Your Sacred Path


Your soul already knows…offering my service to teach, guide and redirect you back to feeling included in your own life… to be where you are MEANT to be – back to your true life map. 

I’m here to facilitate your evolution, change and transformation.

My Greatest Service is Helping You to Re-Claim Your Soul Purpose, Power & Role in Today’s World.

In this chaotic & materialistic time, it is vital that each of us knows why we are truly here. The world truly needs You and your unique gifts.

Sweet Medicine Nation

Sweet Medicine Nation is a gifted artist, educator, lecturer, and medicine Teacher and guide. With her eloquence, wisdom, and gifts she’s dedicated her life to offering opportunities for people to experience conscious and deep connection with nature and spirit, through indigenous education and ceremony.

13 Video Teachings that Activate, Synchronize and Deepen Your Spiritual Development.

Rediscovering your original purpose and the direction in life.

Be aligned in mind, body and spirit with your true life map and know ahead of the game what traps might be out there by Remembering your place for Being here, and serving humanity!

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  1. Initiation
  2. Divination
  3. Blessings & Nourishment
  4. Temple Self
  5. Offering
  6. Journey
  7. Fertility
  8. Advisors
  9. Center Tree
  10. Amcestors
  11. Hearing
  12. Retribution
  13. Truth
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Sweet Medicine Nation has been my teacher and trustworthy soul-friend for 30 years. I know her to be a woman of impeccable integrity, exceptional courage & vision, a devoted wisdom-keeper of indigenous knowledge, a gifted healer, and a selfless servant of The Creator. I am forever grateful that her path crossed mine.

Teryl “T” Johansson
Student of Sweet Medicine

One of Sweet Medicine’s many gifts is the ability to pray and to bless in a way that is simple, profound and strikingly beautiful. She does this with subtle intuition and exquisite presence and her words have the power to reach the heart and heal the mind. She is full of knowing and full of light.

Ilán Rabchinskey
Photographer & Student

My name is…

Sweet Medicine Nation

As a Medicine Person/Teacher she awakens within us the original & sacred values as earth guardians, honoring the natural ways for benefiting all Beings on Mother Earth.

With her wise-woman guidance she offers powerful and useful tools for our contemporary lives. These tools and accompanying ceremonies are for revising, repurposing, and reclaiming our lives in this New Era of the Divine Feminine.

For 35 years and counting, she’s assisting thousands of people through Rites of Passage ceremonies on 5 Continents, Rekindling the Holy on Mother Earth, our birth rite.

Sweet Medicine is also involved over 20 years in numerous local and international organizations and agencies protecting endangered species, water issues and education worldwide. Water is Sacred. Without it there is no Life.

Her passion for plants, both edible and medicinal, continues her love for communing with nature and these healers/feelers on our Mother. She applies her background in Natural Medicine, Midwifery, and Herbs, along with her written articles and books based on medicinal and edible native plants, compliments her heritage and love of sharing natural knowledge.

She is the founder and President of the Four Winds Community Foundation in Oregon for over 17 years. Four Winds Foundation is dedicated to the spiritual evolution of humanity, offering indigenous wisdom through sacred rites ceremonies and education.

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