Contact Sweet Medicine to begin your journey to balance, renewal, recovery, and joyful flow with life and the Natural, Indigenous Ways. 

Sweet Medicine uses her years of training, teaching and healing work with her clients and students. Begin to see through Native Eyes, no matter who you are, or what path you walk.

Begin to fly like a Hummingbird again with the guidance you need.

What my clients say


“Sweet Medicine Nation has been my teacher and trustworthy soul-friend for 30 years. I know her to be a woman of impeccable integrity, exceptional courage & vision, a devoted wisdom-keeper of indigenous knowledge, a gifted healer, and a selfless servant of The Creator. I am forever grateful that her path crossed mine.”

—Teryl “T” Johansson

“First of all I would like to thank Sweet for her love and conscience, in the give of knowledge about myself, it helped me to have a different perspective from me, from someone who did not know me daily, but who nevertheless knew aspects of me same that allowed me to reconnect with my essence, with who I am, with my virtues and my less conscious aspects. I feel that this will allow me to be able to realize my mission of life with more truth. It gave me courage to reconnect with who I am, and thus share experience with other people from the love that I feel is finally the most important thing to share and what we were made for.”
Maria Pia Espinosa