Six Month Apprenticeship Commitment with Sweet Medicine Nation:

Path of the Sacred Medicine Ways of Woman, The Ways of Our Ancestors. 

Six Monthly Payments of $111

Pay in Full $649

 This is a very special invitation, and it is not for everyone.

If you are recieving this message, it means that I hand chose you to invite you to become my apprentice.

In the indigenous ways we never say we are apprentices until we are finished and our elders give us permission.  In this walk you will understand the ethical worth and respect of the lineage these teachings came from.   

Both you and I are committing to these 6 moons to gather and participate.  Please expect to devote time to your homework and projects in addition to the bi-weekly Zoom meetings.

We will meet on Zoom two times a month on Sunday mornings at 10am–11:30am PST. The topics will be based on my Teaching of the Sacred Hoop Ways. Topics of each month are focused on the following topics:

  • Sacred Arrows: Walking our meeting of our Medicines and working with Spirit
  • Ritual of the Moon: Clarifying cultural rites and understanding the Sacred Acts of our moon time and what it means.
  • Drawing Down the Power: Who are your guides and how working with them can help us. 
  • Cords of Light: Understanding we each have an alignment button called an assemblage point and alignment moves and can change as you learn when you’re out during these stressful times. 
  • Twisted Hair: Our ancestral story counts as how to hold your history; without it holding us back. 
  • Sticks and Stone Oracle: Making tools and awakening them for your  bundles. 
  • Stoking Power: Ritual of Becoming a Sacred Flower 
  • Daughters of Fire: Making and using fire as an anchor and shield and its power to mend.

I am beyond excited to share this medicine, wisdom, and journey with you. Thank you for answering the call.

Monthly Payments of $111

Pay in Full $649