A 2 Year Apprenticeship Commitment with Sweet Medicine Nation

Path of the Sacred Medicine Ways of  Men and Women, The Ways of Our Ancestors. 

You are invited to join my Sacred Wisdom course, a two year apprenticeship to the traditional practices that my Elders taught me, to rediscover who you are in the eyes of Spirit, and your place of belonging within All That Is.

This is the first six month course of a two-year Legacy Apprenticeship, Indigenous Wisdom Ways, broken into four parts that build on the teachings you receive. Those who are ready at the end of each six-month segment, may continue on with me, if they choose. 

I am so excited that you want to join me on this journey, and can hardly wait to share and “seed” your soil in the ways of my Elders, the lineages who adopted me and supported me in the practice of seeing through Spirit Eyes.

I want you to learn and know these ways, these Sacred Ways, that can enrich and harmonize our relationship with our Selves, with all others, and with the Earth.


Let me share the details of the program, so you too can get excited by seeing what we are covering, when we are meeting, and what will be expected of you.


  • How this Sacred Path pertains to your place on the Sacred Hoop from birth (Moon you were born under)
  • 13 Moon Count & their frequencies
  • Animal Medicine 
  • Personal rites of self-empowerment
  • Dream work
  • The Components of Ceremony
  • Feather doctoring

YOUR COMMITMENT: To ensure you and all the apprentices have the best experience 

  • Show up fully with curiosity, vulnerability, and energy!
  • Be attentive in class! Participation creates community. 
  • RSVP to every class event, and attend live to the best of your ability.
  • We, this Circle, become a family, so what is happening in your life may also be true for others as well, so I encourage you to share. If you need help or have had a profound experience, please do share with me or the whole class.

WHAT YOU WILL GET: All the goodness included!

  • 13 Sacred Ways teachings through bi-weekly, 2hr Zoom classes
  • Zoom audio recording of class teachings (available for download)
  • A dedicated, growing community on our Mighty Networks platform
  • All your lessons, communication, and community in one place! 
  • Handouts for each class (available for download)
  • 3 x one hour long 1:1 sessions with me to discuss the teachings
  • Unlimited access to me through Mighty Networks 
  • Discounts on future events and gatherings
  • Discounts on Soul Purpose readings 

CLASS CIRCLES: How we will meet.

We will meet via Zoom, EVERY OTHER WEEK for each class, with breakout rooms for our talk circles for sharing and getting to know one another. We ask that you turn ON your Zoom video, so we can see your smiling face and it makes the experience more connective for all participating in this class.  Notification of downloadable Zoom audio will be posted after the class is complete, within 48hrs of the live class. These are for just YOU and will be made available to download.

COMMUNICATION: Everything in one place

When you sign up for this journey together, you will be invited to join the Sweet Medicine Hoop Mighty Network, a beautiful, dedicated and exclusive platform for all my apprentices! I’m excited to be able to have one place where we can find:

  • Connection & Communication with a growing community
  • Events Calendar with Zoom meeting links and reminders
  • Posts on updates and changes 
  • Organized, easy to navigate place for all your materials, videos, links
  • Private and group chats – you can message me and each other!
  • Groups – a private container for your apprentice group

You will receive a link to sign up, and to download the app for your phone. you will have access to the platform for the duration of your apprenticeship, and you may download all your materials from there.

ATTENDANCE: What is expected

Life happens, and I ask that you honor this time to commit to yourself, me and the group.  If you cannot attend in person, share why to let us know you’re ok. I want us to stay connected!  Watch the videos and be up to date.

HOMEWORK: Between classes  Homework?

No such thing! 🙂 I will empower and invite you to begin incorporating and practicing these teachings in your life and see what unfolds! Class handouts will be posted the day before each class, and remain on our platform for the duration of your program. They are the bones of what will be covered, and the class teachings will be the meat! You are invited to download all the files to keep them forever.


By accepting my invitation to join this Circle, I ask that you honor my time and efforts, and follow the Sacred Path to help align with each other in the Circle.

This assists me as I share these sacred lineage teachings, so that they may continue on beyond me and flow into the Generations that follow.

There will be a formal Initiation when the apprenticeship is completed, until then please honor and not misappropriate these teachings until you are given permission to do so.

I have been sending positive and healthy prayers to us all for these next 13 delightful medicine-filled classes! I am so very excited to join you on this journey to learn and continue these ancient and powerful ways.

I am honored to have you choose to explore this for yourself, and the others in your life. In receiving me sharing and passing on of these teachings, you help me fulfill my Soul’s Purpose as a Teacher and Wisdomkeeper. Thank you.

I am open to answering any further questions concerning class via email. My information is below.

Please join me in praying that the healing that is needed in Our World will be resolved and our Quest for true direction in this New Era will begin with these classes. Let the healing be soon.

Blessings Aha!

Hanta Yo! Forward we go!

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