The House of Flowers is an ancient ceremony that reawakens every woman’s sacred birthright to serve what must come forth during this New Era of The Divine Feminine.

The Divine Feminine asks us to “answer the call” and regain our knowledge. Through this four-day initiation weekend, we will learn the five phases of womanhood and how to open the 13 petals of ourselves. Prophecies have long foretold of this auspicious time when planetary stewardship will be placed back into the hands of the Divine Feminine. Are you ready to answer the call?

Sweet Medicine Nation will offer this powerful initiation and training for women ready to take their place as empowered and connected beings in today’s world.

“All things a born of the Mother”

Choctaw law

Join Mother Earth in germinating, uplifting, and blooming us back to our “true” purposes and birthrights forever. – Sweet Medicine Nation

What participants say:

“The House of Flowers ceremony itself (separate from the teachings) was one of the most magical, intimate, and empowering ceremonies I have ever participated in. I would recommend this ceremony to any woman interested in finding her true multidimensional self and embracing the future of the divine feminine.”

Uta Dunbar

On our last night together in our black dresses, in the red tent, I sat in my place in the circle, looking around and imagining what the world would look like if each young girl had a group of women like this to look up to. I give you all gratitude for being exactly who you are.💛🤍🖤

Alaina Shively

❤️ We lived during this past weekend to seed and spread that which becomes the knowing of IT ALL! To gently abide all non-love and return it with LOVE. Infinite Gratitude 🙏🏽 @Sweet Medicine! & to ALL and each one of YOU, my loves!

Yetta Lee

Speechless at the beauty captured in these photos, especially with our matching colors. Words can’t quite capture it—just a profound sense of love and connection. Thank you

Maru Garcia Marin

Sisters, my heart overflows with gratitude. Each day feels like a lifetime of processing and integrating the love and light that was shared in these days. I am becoming a better person through this experience. ‘Grateful’ doesn’t even begin to capture the depth of my appreciation for all of you. Thank you, thank you thank you

Braelyn Gillespie

Beautiful sisters!! What an unforgettable experience!! Thank you all for your grandiose medicine, it was a real honor to learn and share with you all. Let’s go integrate and apply in the ceremony of life. Love us all! 🌷🌺💐

Marcia Valverde

Feeling so full of beauty from the connections made with the light that burns inside each of you. Thank you for your love and kindness, your witnessing and courage to step more deeply into your power. I love you and send love to you all. You filled my heart.

Katie McCallister

Please email if you would like to schedule a House of Flowers ceremony in your community.