Hoop Teachings with Sweet Medicine

In groups of men, women, and children, we share intimate conversations on how to live more sustainably, using native/natural ways of the Americas.

Primitive skills, Spirit guided crafts, fostering respectful attitudes, and indigenous values. We discuss and define the reasons for Rites of Passage, and why there are needed and participated in today. 

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Sweat lodge is for cleansing, purifying, and connecting to Spirit and the community. It is our hospital, university and birthplace. This ceremony takes place in a small, covered willow structure, where water is poured onto heated stones to create steam. Sweating is not only a physical purification, but a spiritual one. Many emotions, thoughts, and personal issues may come up during a sweat as we purge what we no longer need. Sweet Medicine pours water (leads sweat lodges) for groups and individuals.

Monthly lodges Sherwood Oregon Hummingbird Hill at 2 pm. All are welcome!

Joining Ceremonies or Weddings

We create together the ceremony you have always wanted. Incorporate symbols and ritual that are meaningful to you as a couple and create an unforgettable & sacred ceremony. Sweet Medicine works with couples to design a ceremony that is unique to our special spiritual connection with one another. 

Cutting Away Ceremony

If something is holding you back from living the life you deserve, whether it’s a relationship, job, location, or to release something of the past, this powerful ceremony assist you in gain new perspectives and clear insight’s to move your life forward.  Group or Individual sessions.

Vision Quest Ceremony

Vision Quest is a Native American rite of passage, which many cultures. The ceremony is one of the most universal and ancient means to find spiritual guidance and purpose for One’s life. A Vision Quest offers clarity into the next phase of life.

Traditionally this ceremony is four days and nights of fasting in nature within a sacred altar.  These Vision Quests are held in the annual camp with Supporters, in keeping the sacred fire for those Pledges while they complete this Rite.    

Those who choose this walk, are called Pledges. When one pledges, we call it  “walking toward the mountain.”  Pledges go through extensive months of preparations. Each pledge is “planted” in their own sacred altars, and they are seeking a vision/clarity for their lives. In our way, the Great Mystery is the name for Great Spirit, source of all life, or God.

Each Pledges is trained individually, to go deeply into their soul connection with Great Mystery, learn to trust again in their connection, and all the while they are fasting and praying thru this camp, asking for re-connection to their original position, and waiting for the answers..

Feather Doctoring

This non-physical ancient art of doctoring with feathers, is an ancient method, which clears and realigns energy threads around you. It is a passive and beneficial “breath of fresh air.” Relaxing seen and unseen tensions from your life

Honoring Ceremonies for Children and Adults

Cross culturally for all adolescent girls marks a pivotal time of feminine development. It truly is an unfolding of trust, innocence, truth, self, and BEAUTY.  The Sacred Feminine embodies freedom, contemplation, love, friendship, at the heart of each girl’s being. Experiential activities and ceremony are created for girls to step into the next phase of development.

Our girls rites of passage ceremonies support the transition from ‘girl’ to ‘young woman’ to occur with confidence and peace. The underpinnings of this offering are inclusive of all spiritual preferences, while honoring Indigenous perspectives (what is natural at one’s core). It is a continuation or beginning for a young woman and each mother alike to ask herself, “What does it mean to be a woman on Mother Earth, in our times?” 

On Sacred Ground we welcome our young men into manhood. By rekindling the authentic warrior through ceremony, the confusion and pain of adolescence can become fuel in the fire of transformation to adulthood…not as combatants, these warriors learn awareness and self-mastery in preparation for living in a challenging world.  Participants rediscover their connection to nature, as a protector and steward.

Pass Over Ceremonies

Sweet Medicine facilitates Funeral and Memorials for your loved ones with a Nature-based focus. She emphasizes sensitivity through this non-denominational Program and the fostering support for those grieving.

House Blessings

Homes, buildings, and land all need to be honored and blessed when new to us. These ceremonies are beneficial for saying goodbye to your old home, apartment, or office.