House of Flowers

House of Flowers with Sweet Medicine Nation

Please email if you would like to schedule a House of Flowers ceremony in your community.

The House of Flowers is an ancient ceremony that reawakens the sacred birthright of every woman: to serve what must come forth during this New Era of The Divine Feminine.

The Divine Feminine asks us to “answer the call” and regain our knowing, learn the 5 phases of woman, and how to open the 13 petals of ourselves. Prophecies have long foretold of this auspicious time when planetary stewardship would be placed back into the hands of the Divine Feminine. Are you ready to answer the call?

Sweet Medicine Nation will offer this powerful initiation and training for women who are ready to take their places as empowered and connected beings in today’s world.

Join our Mother Earth in germinating, uplifting, blooming us back to our true purposes and our birthrights forever more.

“The House of Flowers ceremony itself (separate from the teachings) was one of the most magical, intimate and empowering ceremonies I have ever participated in. I would recommend this ceremony to any woman that is interested in finding her true multidimensional self and embracing the future of the divine feminine.”

–Uta Dunbar