Meet Sweet Medicine Nation

Sweet Medicine offers ways to initiate changes that renew one’s life using her indigenous time-honored Ways. Contact Sweet Medicine to begin your journey to balance, recovery, and joyful flow with life and the Natural Ways. 

Sweet Medicine Nation offers a free 30 minute consultation to determine what you are needs are, for the positive changes.

After your personalized session, she will outline the steps and suggest how she can serve you, using her years of training, teaching and healing work with her clients and students.   There are protocols she adheres to that further set the stage and language of seeing through Native Eyes, no matter who you are, or what Path you walk.

Contact Sweet Medicine Nation today for this free chat and begin to fly like a Hummingbird again.

Intro to Smudging


Learn about the history and power of smudging through an indigenous lens with my smudging ebook!

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