Soul Purpose Readings with Sweet Medicine Nation

Are you stuck in a rut, not knowing if your life or field is the one you should do?

Is something missing something in your life?

Are your wishing for more passion for your life?

Get a Soul’s Purpose Hand Reading with Sweet Medicine Nation

Find a new perspective on how you are spending your time.

Get validation and feedback from Sweet Medicine on who your soul is meant to become so that you can find direction and make shifts and changes in your life.

The Soul’s Purpose Reading is a star map, revealing the exact reason for being here. It reveals our personality, shows our traits and tendencies, our will, and our power and most of all our purpose.

Today Soul’s Purpose Reading is a tool used by therapists, doctors, counsellors and even neurologists to work with patients or to assist with a person’s skills innately born within them. Even a small child’s hand can tell us a big story of what it is they will do, and the kind of “school” they are here to learn from. Not the college or Institution, but the reason they are here, to contribute and be.

There are neurology studies, showing the lines in our hands follow the same pathways in our brain and how we think. This is like our program, guiding us and giving instruction throughout life. Hand analysis is a transformational tool, a catalyst for aligning the true purpose.

Look into your lines and gift marks formed in the palms. Fingerprints emerge in our early weeks of gestation and never change. These, we know, are our defining identification.  Fingerprints show the level of our individual focus, the challenges you might face and need to overcome in your life. Our talents, traits, and tendencies are clear.

How can I have a Soul Purpose Reading, if I do not live in the same town?

Easy! In person of course is the best, but today the world has us traveling internationally, and connection is our cyber world, more than ever, so I read peoples hand all over the world with the help of photos, scans and Skype. Plus you can record and have it for listening later.

These sessions last about a hour and fifteen minutes.

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