The Honoring Grandmother Ceremony

36The Honoring Grandmother Ceremony* is an initiation, a witnessing and an honoring, which is one passage of the Series of Steps. The ceremony flows from the The House of Flowers Initiation and teaching and is performed and taught by Sweet Medicine Nation. It honors and helps women all over the world walk through these critical positions and points of timing, which need recognition through the formal ceremony.  This ceremony is for women 52 years and wiser, who are stepping into who they are now at this age and have not yet had this Recognition

flowerIn this wise phase of a woman’s maturing life, there is a need to be not only witnessed and supported, but to have the support and recognition of accomplishments of a life well-lived. This is the next “stepping stone” which transforms one into a Wise Woman.  In this weekend-long ceremony and initiation for elder women, we will be passing through and celebrating the path that all women walk. From the arrival of the first moon in the time of maidenhood to this rich and embroidered arrival to the Wise Women years, the teachings unite us as a sacred sisterhood.

We will become one in Dance, bringing forth our Stories, honoring our Lineage, and reBirthing our Sacred Journey. We will culminate this spiritually significant and empowering weekend with the Initiation ceremony of the old traditions that brings us to Home, Hive, Hearth, and the sacred arrival of you returning to the Center of Self, at One with All.

rise-of-the-divine-feminine-jaison-cianelliCome Dance your life into Meaning. Become One and enter into the Grandmother’s Lodge.*

$375. Friday night through Sunday Afternoon
(some food included)

*A woman must of completed the House of Flowers ceremony to proceed to this one. And requires notification to Sweet Medicine ahead of time, as it requires much preparation to attend this ceremony.

Upcoming Ceremonies in 2015:

  • March     13-15    Outside Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • October  16-18     Pismo Beach, California
  • October  30 – 1     Oregon, place to be announced
    • Housing not provided – options for the Sisters area include hotels and camping.